Sigrun Theil naked : "Abflug Bermudas"


Name: Abflug Bermudas

Actress: Sigrun Theil,Uschi Stiegelmaier,Uschi Wagner,Marie-Luise Lusewitz

Actors: Sepp Gneissl,Jan Boven

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Language: German

Year: 1976

Country: Germany

Duration: 93 min

Director: Alan Vydra

For most of the film this is just a crime drama: small-time crook Mario works for a Hamburg crime boss whose gang abducts women to sell them abroad. Mario plans to relieve his boss of his money and his mistress Cora, but his plan has a weak link.

Sigrun Theil naked : "Abflug Bermudas"

Monday, June 5, 2017


Sigrun Theil naked1976GermanyGermanAlan VydraSigrun TheilUschi StiegelmaierUschi WagnerMarie-Luise LusewitzSepp GneisslJan Boven

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